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Bushy tailed mongoose

Bdeogale crassicauda

Key identification features

A medium sized dark brown or black mongoose with a very prominent bushy, tapered tail. The face and under parts are slightly lighter coloured but its legs are black. It has a blunt muzzle and large round ears. It only has four toes on its feet. HB 40-60 cm. Wt 0.9-1.6 kg.

Habitat and social behaviour

It occurs in coastal forests, thick woodland, and dense savannah. It is a shy, timid and nocturnal animal that lives solitary or in temporarily formed family groups.

Similar species

The mellers mongoose is a lighter brown colour and has reverse growing hairs on both sides of the throat. 5 toes (but the fifth toe is vestigial) and 40 teeth. It is mainly found in Miombo woodland. The marsh mongoose is larger and has a less bushy tail than the bushy tailed mongoose and is found almost exclusively close to water. It has 5 toes, fingered hands and feet, and 36 teeth.

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