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Southern reedbuck (Common reedbuck)

Redunda arundiaum

Key identification features

A medium sized antelope with a colour ranging from a light yellowish brown, to greyish brown or dark brown. The underside and chin and throat are paler and it has black and white markings on the front of the forelegs. The coat is fine, almost woolly, and the tail is short and bushy with a pure white patch below the tail. Only the males have horns that are slightly S-shaped and can be up to 45 cm long and have a white base. HB 120-160 cm. Wt 50-85 kg for females and 60-95 kg for males.

Habitat and social behaviour

Occurs in grass valleys and glades within miombo woodland. Active in the morning and afternoon until evening and sometimes at night. It lives singly, in pairs or in small families of mother with young, and does not form large herds.

Similar species

The bohor reedbuck is smaller and has more sharply forward curved horns with hooks at the tips. The mountain reedbuck is much smaller and occurs in hills and mountains rather than grasslands.

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